Friday, July 13, 2012

A grouse, a moose, and 3 hamburgers

No this isn't the beginning of a joke, but I bet it would be a really good one; this is my past 72 hours.
2 days ago I was hiking along, hungry as usual a constant companion unfortunately, when 2 grouse came flying at me! The female veered off to my right into the brush, and the male landed in a tree about 4 feet above my head. I threw a rock and missed, then I realized I've been carrying a grouse killing stick for over 1900 miles, and with a solid whack he teetered out of the tree to the ground at my feet. A swift painless twist of the neck and I had a little extra for dinner that night, which I shared with the 3 other people in camp. But boy did it taste great, similar to duck.
The next morning I'm hiking along with the bare necessities in my head, when I see hot sauce, one of the guys from camp the night before waving his hands at me. I made the universal sign for moose? by placing my right thumb on my temple and wiggling my fingers. Some how he didn't get it lol so I whispered moose?? which he did get and pointed towards the pond. There he was standing knee deep about 6 feet from shore being a moose, eating water grass. I was so excited, since the beginning I've said the only animal I really want to see on this trip is a moose, and there he was being magnificent! The couple from Switzerland I shared the grouse with asked me if I were going to kill it to lol.
And now I sit waiting on my ride into Stratton to shower and do laundry for the first time in over 2 weeks. Yes, yes I know, gross... get over it. After my shower I will go to the white wolf for their burger challenge: a half pound of beef, 8 pieces of delicious bacon, a quarter lb of sausage, and fries (which I hope I can switch for tater tots) yes I've been thinking about this for over 60 miles and 3 days. If i can eat 3, yes 3, burgers and all the tater tots, it's free. I think this is the perfect culmination of my 1 lb burger tour of the east coast.
Well I'm at the white wolf, the first 2 burgers went down quick... 8 minutes. The last one went down with about half an hour to go, but I now have 3 plates of fries. So to take my mind off the monumental pile of fries in front of me, I blog and sip beer :-). Ugh, DONE! Wow that might be the hardest thing I've done on the trail. Finally Snarf is full!

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  1. This is one of your most fun posts yet!! I love it! Mom