Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mahoosuc Notch 7-10

Mahoosuc Notch right outside the whites is supposed to be the slowest mile on the Appalachian Trail. I thought it was the most fun, yes it took an hour and 10 minutes to get through it, but it was totally worth it and I wish I could have spent more time there. It is a small valley, maybe 40 yards across, full of boulders! There is no trail for this mile, you just navigate it the best you can, with my background in bouldering I absolutely loved this area, it was like a playground. It was the very first thing I did this morning before the longest steepest walk up a granite hill at about 50 degrees, and a 20 mile day, only 15 days left, I'm right outside Rangeley, ME, and I still can not believed I've walked to Maine. Getting very close to the 2000 mile mark, and I'm beginning to dream up my first weeks worth of meals when I return. Hibatchi chicken, cottage cheese, pork tenderloin, aunt Diane's potatoes, hot dogs, ruffles ridges cheddar and sour cream, banana pudding, and beer are all on the list :-). Really anything my mama cooks!


  1. After all that work I hope you never have to eat a Hot Dog again...LOL

    I hope Mama cooks it all, I have a feeling she will.

  2. Whatever you want I will cook!!! love mom