Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm in VT?

Less than 550 miles to go, I've already walked over 1600, 2 more  state lines to cross, 3 1lb burgers, the whites, and of course Katahdin! That's all going to happen in the next 34 days, wow hard to believe this is staring to come to an end.
Yesterday was hot, like 94 and humid, hot. But water is abundant and the tree coverage is good so it is manageable. In hear the whites this time of year get down to the 30s at night so I'll be getting some cold weather gear back, hard to believe at the moment. Sharkey and Rummy caught up, but only for a second, still great to see them. This area is very swampy, muddy, and buggy, but looks like a postcard of the northeast with mountains and a pond, the only thing missing is a moose (fingers crossed). Sometimes the only thing keeping a pond from overflowing onto the trail is a beaver dam. Well time to hit the muddy trail, NH next Wednesday.

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