Friday, June 22, 2012

I knew it would happen.

Dear Reader,

I knew this day would come, and to be honest I thought I would have been sooner than this. But alas hear I am in the middle of Vermont, and my funds are basically out, I have about $70 left. My trip is NOT in jepordy I already have the food I need to finish, all this means is that I can no longer go into town. Towns are a break from the trail, as you know I have been eating a 1lb burger in every state I go to (except MD ). It is also nice to take a shower, do laundry, have a beer, and sleep in a real bed occasionally; but these are all luxuries. I do not need money to finish, but I do not see myself coming back to the New England area any time soon. I would enjoy a beer and a big juicy burger at Dartmouth (we go right through campus), and a lobster in Maine (that's what you do there right?). After I summit Katahdin I do not want to have to walk another 20 miles to the closest town, hitchhike to Bangor, or stay up all night at the airport because I can not afford a cab, a bus ticket, or a cheap hotel room. So, like I said, I will finish this adventure the only question is will it be as comfortable and fun as it has been so far. Again I do not need money but if you want to help me out, buy me a burger, a hotel room so I can shower and do laundry, or just send a little money my way I would be eternally grateful. If you want to do this please send it to: Kelly Cremins
710 st john ct
Knoxville, TN
Also please attach your address so that I may thank you when I finish, and if you want to buy me a nice Maine lobster when I'm done to celebrate, write it so I know. Thank you so much for reading, only 33 days left, but don't worry I'm sure the adventure is far from over, and the blogs will keep on coming.

Humbly, and gratefully yours,

Liam Cremins (SNARF)


  1. Just dropped a check in the mail...godspeed my friend.

  2. Hope you got the note/money/sunchips/socks/bug spray/suntan lotion/gatorade powder along with the food I left at the bed & breakfast in Harper's Ferry. Did you get the trail magic (water and cookies) my friend left in MA?