Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A great 48 hours

3 days ago I rode a pony, the weather was good and I thought everything was hunky doory. Yesterday it was 80 out, I passed by a tiny store and got an ice cream snicker bar, found a great camp site, had a roaring fire, and slept under the stars. Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise from my sleeping bag, walked 10 miles found a great swimming hole and took a nice break, then it was a very long steep climb from the low river valley to a mountain 4000 ft up with nothing but dry springs, and stagnant ponds. When we got to the top we were exhausted, thirsty, and out of water. There were 2 notes, the first one informed us that the spring at the camp site was dry. The second said: wet, cold, hungry, hot? Our ministry is to help the needy call this number we will pick you up at the next gap. We have hot food, water, showers, laundry, FREE! If Thor and I had had water ie. the springs weren't dry, we would have gone on and camped but they were dry so I now sit in a house owned by a Lutheran church and run by a wonderful couple, June and Peter. I am full, yes I said it Snarf is full, just got out of a hot shower, my clothes are in the washer, I have a dry, comfy, safe place to sleep, will be enjoying a bowl of ice cream when I finish writing this, and June's description of breakfast had my mouth watering when I was eating my dinner! Best of all tomorrow morning I will be dropped off back at the gap with 2 liters of cold water.


  1. maybe you can shave while your enjoying all these comforts of home

    1. I could do that kind of ministry.

  2. Don't listen to your Aunt Shawn. (Ignore my prior advice to listen to her.).

  3. Shaving doesn't make you look like a nobo hobo.