Friday, April 20, 2012

Sun sets, & puppies

Today I climbed out of yet another river valley and had an awesome night. Tonight's sun set was like every other sun set, unique. There was a valley that made the hidden valley valley like a trash dump. The green of the fields slightly lighter than the trees on the hills, the trees on the mountain slightly darker. With the mountains behind slowly fading from green to a blue that melted into the purple sky with a setting orange sun. This was only the second sun set I've seen out here but it was the best one ever, and the pictures will never due it justice. You know that happy place you go when your at the dentist and they are drilling your skull? Well mine just changed from a 5am fly fishing trip in South Dakota watching the sun rise, to this. When we got back to camp 2 puppies were sitting near our tents, naturally we gave them food, and they came right over. So now hear I sit next to a roaring fire, a sun set I will NEVER forget, and 2 puppies sleeping at my feet.

1 comment:

  1. SAVE US A PUPPY! we are anxiously excited to meet him! AHHHHHH

    -Jelly and Bean