Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hansel & Gretel

So the puppies from our camp site were gone in the morning when I woke up. I was a little worried because they were so skinny, but I moved on to the next shelter trying to make it in before the torrential rain we all knew was coming. I was telling everyone I passed about the puppies from the night before but no one really believed me. When I arrived at the next shelter I was shocked to see the puppies cowering behind it. As more people arrived they were surprised to see these puppies in the middle of the woods. I felt so bad just leaving them there in the middle of the woods with no food relying on starving hikers to feed them. So I looked at where the next road was and it turned out there was a house across the river that is accessible via zip line 1 mile from the shelter. The dogs you could tell had never known a collar or leash so rather than literally dragging them a mile, Buzzkill and I carried them with our pacs on the mile. Occasionally we would set them down and leave a trial of crumbs for them to follow us down the trail. When we got to the zip line I clipped my pac on and zipped across with the pup in my arms. The rest of the afternoon it rained and we were thankful to be on the captain's back porch picking ticks off the poor pooches. The captain gave them a HUGE bowl of food which the devoured, some water, and said they could sleep in his dog's pen outside. That night Buzzkill decided he would keep Gretel and now we are waiting on Bean and Brian ( now jelly ) to see if they want to take Han. With the temperature dropping to the 30s tonight with a chance of snow I think I'm going to stay another night on the captain's back porch, which we spent this morning cleaning and sweeping up. It wasn't much but it really did feel good to help the captain, who helped us so much. We were able to make collars from some para cord and webbing we had and took both dogs on " walks " which was a little difficult at first but they are catching on quite quickly!

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