Saturday, April 7, 2012

Update, & Request

ALRIGHT!! I just made it so anyone can comment on the blog. Also there is an option to become a follower, I am not too sure what this entails, but I would think it would tell you when I have done a new blog or anything like that.
There are certain challenges along the trail such as the marathon challenge (hiking 26.2 miles in a day), the 4 state challenge (hiking through 4 states in a day), the half gallon challenge (eating a half gallon of ice cream at the half way point in PA). There are others I'm sure but I would like some requests from you. If you have an idea for a challenge, I would love to hear it, and possibly attempt it. Now that anyone can post comments and follow I can't wait to hear your ideas. So get your thinking hats on and come up with some crazy, fun, or difficult challenges, I will attempt to complete them and will post my progress. I am about 430 miles in right now, and about 50 miles away from the VA boarder, and will probably be in Damascus early next week! Now get to commenting.


  1. jeff smith (scout)April 11, 2012 at 5:52 AM

    I would suggest doing the Maryland challenge. It's about 41 miles through the state of Maryland. That way you can spend a little time in Harpers Ferry. If you do the four state chalenge you will not be able to spend any time in HP. I met you at Watauga shelter. You were drying out your gear. I stopped there for lunch.

  2. Do the presidential range in one day! BYAHHHH!

  3. I agree with Jeff as I can meet up with you in Harper's Ferry and feed you!! Actually, I can easily meet you anywhere between Winchester, VA and Harper's Ferry WV. Where will you be this weekend, 4/28-29?

  4. Am working on Trail Magic for you! A friend of Ali's, Amanda, is in Harrisonburg at Aunt Ann's alma mater and can help out before she leaves campus. she is following the blog.