Sunday, April 1, 2012


Bigfoot is out here somewhere, and searching for him along the well traveled Appalachian Trail is not going well. So I think I am going to start straight lining ( not traveling on the trail but trekking from one known point to another in a straight line ) to widen my search of this elusive gentle creature. I am also going to increase my howls and tree knocks at night when I am off the trail in an effort to increase my chances of a response. While I have not seen any evidence of Mr. Foot I have not seen any evidence of mountain lions either, which is  probably good, but I know they exist as well. So while I walk the next  1839 miles or so I will be dramatically increasing my efforts to locate the missing link! Wish me luck.


  1. Hope you find him, before he finds you!!

  2. son and I saw somthing, not a bear, not a human in mid eighties. I would of forgot the whole thing except eight years later my dog would not acoompany me back to that sighting area. The only time in fifteen years she ever did not respond to my calling her to come to me.