Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lost Boys

So 20 mile days have become the norm. Occasionally I'll do short days but it seems lazy, but I enjoy getting into camp and actually bring tired and hungry. Yesterday I hiked 20 miles and when I got to camp it was full of about 7 guys around my age. Some I knew some I didn't, but we all got along great, built a huge fire, told stories, and stayed up late talking about the trail magic of burgers and beer we are all desperately looking forward to today. I felt like one of Peter Pans lost boys, and it was great. A few days ago we hiked a ridge and the top was all rocky stairs, it felt like King Louis ruins from the jungle book. I also saw a snake, bear poop and tracks, and invented a Snarf snack, it is graham crackers with peanut butter on either side of a 500 calorie iced honey bun :-)

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