Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snarf Snarf

So throughout my trip I have been passing people. I passed Charlie, I passed a girl wearing five fingers, who looked like she might roll an ankle. I passed a girl from boulder, co, I have just been cruising the entire trip. And yesterday I was at a shelter debating wether or not to go to the next shelter, and the face of a new girl came walking in. She was nice and we chatted for a while and she said she had friends coming, so I decided to stay for the night. I heard someone coming and she greeted him as good deeds and as he walked into view it was Charlie, half an hour later, a warm Busch light, and about 5 more people later I was a member of " the frat party " consisting of pretty much everyone I'd passed the past few days. The next morning good deeds and I were hiking up the mountain and he said he needed a snack, but said snack in cookie monsters voice, so I said Snarf Snarf. After hearing that and my tale the night before about eating a 1lb burger in about 5 minutes, he said I'm gonna call you Snarf. Definitely looking forward to Nantnahala tomorrow to snarf down another burger, and hit up Nantnahalia Brew Company for some beers with the frat party. Delta Tau Chi.

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