Saturday, March 17, 2012

DTX and Nantahala Brewing Co.

So yesterday we rolled into the Nantahala Outdoor Center got a cabin for 7 of us, grabbed a few cases of beer and sat by the river until the rain drove us inside. After a shower we went to the restaurant where I had another one pound burger, and decided we would catch a ride with one of the guys at the general store to the brewery at 5 when he got off. So we all piled into his truck which had tons of A.T. stickers on it and got out 13 miles later at the brewery. ALL of their beers were named for the trail, trail magic, atx, dirty blonde girl, and they were all amazing! The brew master Greg, whose trail name when he hiked was yazee, gave me a glass of his newest IPA Springer Sunrise which was great. Around 10 we all started to crash so I walked up to a good looking blonde who recently walked in and started talking to her, turns out she was the Lt. Detective of Bryson City and was more than happy to give us ALL a ride back so we piled into her little car and made it back! Today is St. Patties day so back to the brewery!ride


  1. Well I think we figured out this is not one of those "survival" hikes. Sounds like you are having a great experience. Enjoying the blog!

  2. Sure beats nuts and berries...I googled that town and brewery, sound like a great place. Trail Magic will be a well earned reward. all you need now is a little absynthe