Sunday, March 4, 2012

First day

So today was my first day on the trail... finally. I had a great breakfast at my aunt's house in Atlanta then my parents drove me to Springer mt. At the visitors center I signed in and laughed when I noticed the other's handwriting in the sign in log was just as terrible as  mine. When I started on the trail head I left a tearful mom and envious dad but was happy to finally get going. I hiked 7.8 miles to the first shelter in about 3 hours passing lots of what seemed to be day hikers,one with a creepy dolls head on top of his pac. I was passed by one gnarly guy with an A.T. tattoo on his leg. However, when I got to the shelter the "day hikers" appeared to be setting up camp, there were probably 15 people there! Not what I had in mind, so I checked how far the next shelter was... 7.2 miles. The gnarly guy, Charlie, noticed me and said it's not that far to the next shelter wanna go for it we should get in right around sun set? So he and I set off on our 7 mile trek and with 1 mile or so to go and my body beginning to tire, and belly beginning to growl he said only half a mile to go. It was the longest half mile ever! But we made it to the shelter right at sun down, ate, and both decided to sleep in and not to do another long day tomorrow.