Friday, March 9, 2012

You don't have to be faster than the bear

Ok, I've been out here 5 days, my lungs are great, my legs are great, but my left knee has been bugging me. Seems like after I hike a while to get better but it's always stiff when I start... yes dad I'm stretching. Well, since I last posted I have spent another night with Machete Mike, who is kind of a "celebrity" out here everyone seems to have stories about him. I have spent 2 days in the rain, building fires both nights, done another 15 mile day during which I summitted 3 mountains, Blue, Rocky, and Tray. I have met and hiked with 2 guys one of which I plan to meet up with again Sunday, the other was about 60 and an ex NYC firefighter who had to return to his wife. Today I only did 8 miles but I did it in about 3 hours tackling 4200 ft Kelly's knob. Tomorrow I have a short 2 mile hike to meet my parents, shower, do laundry, and get my much thought about giant cheeseburger, with a pitcher or 2 of beer.


  1. Thanks for the blog Liam; we are enjoying it. What's with meeting the parents and eating a burger, thought this was a survival type of thing?? JK!! I am sure you Mom especially will be thrilled to get eyes on you.

    How far north are you coming?

    1. I know, I know lol. And I never turn down a meal. I only have a month off work so I'm only going as far as I can get in 4 weeks, probably 350-400 miles.

  2. Not sure about the interaction with non-hikers, and civilian grub. But I'm not keen on having a cell phone and blogging along the way either....Oh, the times they are a changing.