Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A night in town!

So a few days ago I got my much needed giant hamburger, beer, and a soft bed. My parents met me in Hiawassee, Ga and needless to say my mom had some questions so here they are:
Is there an average age on the trail?
Not really I've met people from their late 60s to teens.
How do you stay warm at night?
My down sleeping bag, and polyester liner, if it's really cold and I'm sleeping in a shelter I will put something under me like my jacket or tent rain fly.
Do you have any blisters?
One on my heel but it's not bad.
Are you sore?
Yes, my neck almost more that anything from looking down making sure I don't trip on anything, but my legs are a little sore as  well.
Were you scared the first night?
I thought I would be but there were so many people at the shelter it was no big deal.
How many times have you built a fire?
Twice both times after it had been raining.
Have you slept in a shelter every night?
No prob about half the time I'm in my tent.
Do you get cold during the day?
No actually when I'm hiking I'm almost always sweating.
What did you mail yourself?
Freeze dried food, bagels, pb, granola, and honey, 6 lbs worth.
What is a privy?
A potty.
Do you have a trail name?
Not yet I want to earn it.
How many girls are on the trail?
Fewer than I would like, I have probably see 8 girls.
Have you fallen down?
No, but I have slipped on a wet root or 2.
What do you miss the most?
Something soft to sit or lay on.
Do you get lonely?
How do you pass the time?
I'm a goalie I'm pretty good at killing time, most of the time I sing. Disney songs or Country, not entire songs just what sticks in my head. A little afro man every now and then lol.
Tell me about the people you've met.
I met Machete Mitch who was in the 82nd airborne, a 65 year old retired NY firefighter from the Bronx, a chess master, and a marine sniper, among others.
If any one else has questions please ask!


  1. How far north are you coming? Cindi & Chuck Knapp

  2. How hard is alcohol detox?lol

  3. Chuck and cindi if I can do the whole thing I will... Nick there is plenty of alcohol on the trail and
    I'm actually hitting up a brewery Tomorrow.

  4. http://www.facebook.com/MacheteMitch