Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 months in!

I just left Waynesboro, VA and realized I've been out here 2 months now, 64 days. This past month I have learned the most. Not about the trail, or my equipment, but about myself. I can only hope that the changes I wish to make, and have already made help to make me a better person.
My gear is holding up great, I'm still very pleased with my Merrell boots which are still waterproof, in tact, and comfortable. I also am actually looking forward to my Backpackers Pantry diners each night, and joke with people saying the second worst part of my entire day is waiting for them to "cook". When they ask what the worst part is I tell them it's after I've eaten it all, because it testes so good I Snarf it down.
I have met many people and continue to meet more new people almost every day. I will hike with a person or group for a while then we will kind of just disperse after about a week. I am not trying to stay with anyone or group because I like not having to worry about anyone but myself. I hiked with Thor probably the most though, we were going the same pace and kept seeing each other from Nantahala, NC. He got off for a week or 2 though about 100 miles ago because of shin splints, but will be getting back on soon. Because he is from northern VA he asked me to let him know when I get near port royal so he can do some trail magic which will be great I'm sure. Bean and Jelly are apparently a day behind me with their new puppy Aldo, I'm so glad they got him! J Bone and his wife Tutti  are a day ahead of me. Achilles or The Matador as he is going by now is still just ahead of me, I keep seeing his submissions in the shelter logs. Tonight I met hot sauce, and standing bear I think we will travel through the Shenandoahs at the same pace so I'm sure I'll get to know them pretty well.
I have seen lots of wildlife so far on my trip so here is a quick list: turkey, fox, coyote, opossum, raccoon, deer, pony :-), mice, snakes (nothing poisonous), grouse, ducks, bald eagles, turtles, salamanders, & a bear cub.

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  1. I just caught up on your blogs and Im so happy for you that you have had the opportunity to do this and just how great of an experience it sounds like its been for you!!! Safe travels! :)