Sunday, May 13, 2012

A magic kind of day!

Yesterday was a 21 mile day, but it felt WAY shorter! Glide and I started out knowing we were doing a 21 also knowing that my friend Thor had left us some oranges, and beer trail magic at the next shelter. About 3 miles in we came across a cooler full of sweet tea and water, it was great. Then we got to the shelter and had Thor's beer and oranges, he also left some chocolate wafers it was a perfect combo. I packed out 6 beers which weighed between 4-5 lbs, but worth it. At the bottom of the next hill at a road crossing there was another cooler, this one full of ice cold Pepsi and more beer! Anything cold is fantastic, so we each chugged down a Pepsi and waddled on. We hiked for an hour or so before we ran into some day hikers who gave us: strawberries, brownies, peanut butter and cheese crackers, fruit snacks, nuts, yogert covered raisins, fruit by the foots, crackers with the red plastic thing to put cheese on them, and told us about a winery a few miles up the trail!! That got us hiking again, we walked 7 miles or so and never saw a road, it turns out we missed the winery but it gave us a great incentive to hike quickly lol. At the last shelter we went to it said it was .02 off the trail, it was closer to a half mile and all down hill which ment we had to go up to leave. However, it was TOTALLY worth it because when we got there we saw a bag full of bread sticks stuffed with cheese and pepperoni! There was also a cliff bar, some crackers, and a bag of fireball candy. We ate most of it and ended up sharing some with pork steak and somersault ('11 mizzou grad), who showed up before we could eat it all lol. They then joined us for a beautiful night camping! Talk about a good day, I only had to get into my food bag for dinner.

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