Sunday, May 20, 2012

Whooda thunk it?

Today was another "short" 15 mile day or so, and on these lower mile days I like to take my time. I camped with spice last night right outside a park your not allowed to camp in which is kind of annoying (different blog). Anyway we hit the trail around 9 30 which is kinda late but we were in no rush, stopped at a steam for a snack, then talked about bouldering and climbing as we clambered up and down a section known as the rock maze. About halfway through we noticed some climbing routes and chalk, then we saw a crash pad a people bouldering. I went immediately over and began talking and asking questions, where they were from, how long they'd been out, all the usual stuff. They then fired off all the usual questions we get, where did you start, what do you eat, all the usual stuff lol. After a while watching I couldn't stand it any longer and gave the boulder my best shot... in my hiking boots ha it was a sight I'm sure but felt great to actually use my arms! After leaving them we headed a few more miles to the shelter for lunch, then it was off 3 more miles to the campground we're staying at tonight. The last 2 mile were through the PA farm land, fields. Tomorrow we have 15 miles of flat ground and hot, buggy, sunny field hiking. I'm excited for a change of scenery, and can't wait to be at the Doyle in Duncannon on Tuesday! Literally everyone we pass tells us about it. I'm trying really hard not to build it up in my head, but my first day on the trail deeds was talking about it so I'm definitely excited.

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  1. Just happened to be starting a blog, and trying to think of good ones to follow.. I remembered meeting you, and you saying that you had a blog, so I googled "Snarf Appalachian Trail".. And now I'm reading a post about the day we met you! Crazy. Climb On!