Sunday, May 13, 2012

The roller coaster

Today we hit the roller coaster which is described in my book as "a 13.5 mile section with 10 ascents and descents over each of these viewless and rocky ridges." It was tough, but manageable. We did 6 miles before entering the roller coaster which only ensured that it would be during the hottest part of the day! There were many day hikers out I guess because it was mothers day, but they all seemed very interested in me and what I was doing, and my stick didn't seem to bother them too much. I still feel like a wild animal sometimes though because many of them have never seen a thru hiker no less stopped to actually talk to one, so it's always kind of fun. I need to start telling them I only eat what I can catch, or I like to eat day hikers and see their reactions :-). The end of the roller coaster put me into West Virginia... finally, which also was the 1000 mile marker for the A.T. this year! Tomorrow I will cruise 13 miles into Harper's Ferry in the rain, apparently it's a 100% chance, get my picture taken to be counted in the class of 2012 Thru Hikers, as well as my number (they keep track of how many people thru hike this way), so that in 20 years I can go back and ask to see the 2012 class and see my friends, as well as my scrawny hairy-er self. Tuesday I will stay in a nice B&B with a real bed and shower! Can't wait, thank you aunt Alicia!


  1. Hi Liam! I called 911 about the fire, and they thought it may have been a controlled burn on private property, but they had to do some checking when they got off the phone with me!

    Good luck with the next 1100+ miles! Meeting you made me want to drop everything and start hiking now, but I'm sticking to my plan! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Hey Homie, thanks for the message, we're still making our way to VT and the farming life. Aldo has grown incredibly, he just reached 50 lbs. I think allowing him to play and sleep instead of just hiking all day has been good for him.

    Make sure you give us a call when you are getting close to the White Mountains, we'll cook you the best 1 pound burger of the trip... and I'm not joking, these cows are happy and they taste great!

    Jasmine's number is 860-608-4673. find us on facebook if you have one. Jasmine yuris and brian raulinaitis

    Happy Trails