Friday, May 18, 2012

A day in the life of a thru hiker.

I woke up this morning at 7am, got out of my sleeping bag (it was a clear night so I just slept under the stars again) and dug a hole because there was no privy. I walked back to camp and put some leaves and sticks on the smoldering embers and brought the fire back to life. Sitting by the fire I ate about 6ozs of trail mix, and mixed some chocolate carnations breakfast essentials powder into my water that I got out of a hiker box. That is a box where hikers put things they don't want or need, they are mostly in towns and hostels. I hiked 2 miles to the next shelter where I got water from a creek and had a snack. I added electrolyte tablets and caffeinated crystal light to my water. The next shelter was 4 miles away and when I got there I was shocked to see yellowtail and sunroof, 2 people I had not seen since my first night or 2 out here, we talked for a bit then walked 2 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain while catching up. I also saw a guy painting white blazes which is what we follow and I excitedly asked if i could paint one and he let me! Ha so exciting :-) 8 miles later yellowtail and sunroof got picked up to take a zero tomorrow with yellowtails family, and I had lunch which was a bagel with crunchy pb and an apple I still had from Harper's Ferry 2 days ago. 2.5 more miles until I get to be done for the day! It's a short 15 mile day today, but I've figured out if I do 15s from here on out I'll be done August 1st which is good enough for me! Half way point tomorrow after 17, which means a half gallon of ice cream!!! Can't wait.

Harper's Ferry was amazing so much history. Shortly after it I passed the Washington monument, which I stood on top of! And am still walking a historic path that many civil war soldiers passed, it has been interesting walking in their shoes so to say. Although, my pack is lighter, my boots are way better and I'm not lugging a gun, nor ammo.

Oh ya and I'm in Pennsylvania! Still can't believe it.


  1. That is so cool that you got to paint a blaze! I love it and you!! Mom