Saturday, May 26, 2012

Real Time Blog 5-25

7:30 Woke up. Went to privy. ate breakfast (granola), packed up, sewed hole in my pocket shut, got a q tip from Beowulf
9:05 started hiking, after I decided to start taging snacks (what we call day hikers) with clothespins.
9:12 Went up rocky hill.
9:20 took a picture.
9:45 tripped on a rock
10:00 stopped to tie my shoe, get a drink, and pee
10:12 another rocky hill, cleverly avoided a tree branch hanging in the middle of the trail
10:17 made it to the top of the hill
10:20 scrambled through a tree that blocked the trail, then saw a baby garder snake.
10:58 slid down a wet rock a few feet
11:16 passed snacks wearing hunter orange unnecessarily
11:30 got to road 6.7 miles from shelter, sat ate bars with glide and Beowulf, drank water.
11:55 got more water and started hiking again up hill
12:43 still hiking up hill
12:51 flattened out, stopped to drink. Noticed my boot has a pretty large hole in it (thanks pa rocks), and noticed I'm not wearing my thundercats sweatband! I really hope I just took it off in my sleep and it's in my sleeping bag.
12:54 Northward!
1:55 swallowed bug
2:15 went 6.2 miles since road caught somersault (Mizzou grad) and pork steak, lunch time (pb on a bagel and crystal light strawberry lemonade).
3:14 back on the trail, 6 more miles to the shelter for the night
4:28 scared a falcon off it's kill, a squirrel.
4:35 made it to shelter! The lion killers were here already with a fire going. And gave me a riddle: the maker doesn't need it, the buyer doesn't want it, and the user is oblivious to it.
6:00 learned about anthrosite coal, which burns for a long time, a town called Centralia, pa is on fire underneath because of it and was evacuated.
6:05 rinsed off in spring.
6:08-6:50 played a word game called contact with everyone, and worked on my spoon.
7:15 glide showed up at the shelter, I checked my sleeping bag for my sweatband nothing :'-(
7:30 boiled water for dinner
8:10 made my clothespins to tag snacks this weekend
8:17 ate my awesome backpackers pantry dinner!!
8:26 answer to riddle, a tombstone.
8:39 read shelter log book, wrote a note asking if anyone finds my wristband to try to catch me.
8:39 burned trash, hung food
8:45 went pee
8:49 stoked fire
9:01-9:16 sat by fire only grabbing small twigs I could reach without getting up to feed it. I also learned that the shelter I'm staying at tomorrow can have pizza delivered to it! Score.
9:18 heard a large crash in the dark, probably just bigfoot
9:30 got into sleepingbag
9:39 wrote in journal about today's events drew a picture, checked book to see where I'm going tomorrow, 18 miles.
9:41 saved blog, turned off phone, went to sleep.

Today I tried my hardest to accurately record exactly what I did and when. It was kinda hard but fun to look back on. I hope you enjoyed it. This is a great example of a typical day for me.


  1. Do you need some new boots??? will Merrell sponsor another pair?? let me know if I can help

  2. Is that Contact 123 by any chance, just had some Israelis introduce me to that game the other day. You need to put up your ETA for the finish so everyone can be waiting there for you.


    1. Oh wait now I see you said Aug 1st.